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Michelle Scorer
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SM&MN are Highly Recommended. Nagul Steam Cleaned our carpets which he did a beautiful job. Great on price and reliable. Very satisfied 5 stars.
Gerry K
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We have been using sm&mn at our factory for years. Highly recommended very hard working company very experienced
Adhil Hussain
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Highly recommend for cleaning services.
Gochika J
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Thank you to the amazing team! Job well done. I’m really happy with the team’s hard work and friendly attitude. Great communication and very professional throughout the job. Don’t hesitate to book them. Highly recommended.
Nusry Niyas
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Highly recommended they come for a carpet cleaning and the window's cleaning. Reasonable price, very friendly and professional. I highly recommend them.

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Premium Cleaning Service in Melbourne

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Commercial & Residential Cleaning Specialist

Introducing your trusted commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, and more cleaning services in Melbourne. In the industry of Melbourne commercial and house cleaning, SM&MN Cleaning is the best cleaning company in Melbourne that provides the highest standard at the most competitive price. Our Melbourne cleaners are highly trained and dedicated to providing you exceptional service that puts your needs and satisfaction first. Our expert cleaners are trusted by many of the businesses you know in Melbourne.

SM&MN Cleaning Specialise in

Best carpet cleaning service in melbourne

Office Cleaning Melbourne: SM&MN Cleaning understands your office needs!

It’s time for you to concentrate on your office priority needs and leave the cleaning matter to the specialists!

SM&MN Cleaning assists everyday commercial cleaning in Melbourne in maintaining a clean and pleasing environment. Our commercial cleaning procedures have been fine-tuned to fit your property’s unique demands while causing little inconvenience to your company operations.

Assign the job of office upkeep to a dedicated office housekeeping operator for a constantly healthy and presentable work environment.

Whether you need cleaning help once a week, twice a fortnight, or once a month, you will always get the same cleaner. With this method, the commercial cleaners will become familiar with your unique cleaning goals and demands immediately, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free service delivery as well as increased work efficiency.

Our commercial cleaning expertise is valued for the following factors in cleaners selection and licensing that set us apart from the competition:


  1. Operatives that have been specially taught, can be trusted, and are devoted
  2. Cleaners who have been thoroughly verified, and are fully insured
  3. Competent in the use of high-end equipment and detergents
  4. Well-mannered, adaptive, and well-dressed uniformed
  5. Receptive to quality assurance monitoring and suggestions


Commercial Cleaning & Residential Cleaning for a variety of industries!

Our commercial cleaning & residential cleaning boast a wide range of clients from various industries, which covers:

  • Public sector
  • Food service industries
  • Property and hospitality management sector
  • The retail and leisure service market
  • Healthcare service providers


As a result if you need restaurant cleaning, hotel cleaning, store cleaning, bakery cleaning, or regular maintenance for your office space, SM&MN Cleaning are here to help.

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Take a glimpse at our other services!

The Best Steam Cleaning Service in Melbourne

High-Temperature Steam Cleaning:
Professional & Licensed

Nobody likes cleaning carpets. It’s a tedious, back-breaking job and it’s something you have to do on a regular basis to maintain a healthy home. If your carpets are dirty, then they can be unhealthy for the people living in your home. Not to mention that dirt and grime can damage your furniture, which will only add to the cost of professional carpet cleaning. However, if you’re not too keen on the idea of getting down and scrubbing away, then it might be your time to consider hiring a professional cleaning service instead. It will save you all the hassle, time, energy, and even money.

Steam cleaning has been around for a long time and it’s used to clean carpets, clothes, and even floors. It’s a very effective way of getting dirt, dust, and grime out of hard to reach places. At the same time, it also sterilises the area being cleaned.

Our carpet cleaning services are provided to a variety of consumers in Melbourne VIC. As a professional cleaning company in Melbourne, it is our duty to recognize the importance of keeping carpets and tapestries clean and sanitary. That’s why, in order to provide expert carpet cleaning services, we’ve invested in the greatest people, the most effective cleaning technologies, and the most up-to-date equipment.

High-temperature steam cleaners are gaining popularity because of their effectiveness in removing bacteria from surfaces in hospitals, laboratories and other health care environments. It has been extensively tested for safety on a variety of surfaces including carpeting, area rugs, clothes and upholstery. The high temperature kills bacteria that cause odours in damp environments like homes or offices by heat alone – without using any chemicals! And that’s what we apply for our cleaning service. We value people’s needs with methods, such the high-temperature steam cleaning. SM&MN Cleaning offers professional cleaning services for various properties including Melbourne’s homes with affordable rates that can’t be beaten! Contact us now!

General Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Trust SM&MN Cleaning to protect your investment

The cleaning service in Melbourne that ensures exceptional outcomes while saving you time for the important things in life!

  • Residential cleaning service that is tailored to your needs
  • There are no long-term contracts, thus there are no obligations.
  • Supervision and assistance of high-quality
  • Hourly rates that are competitive
  • Cleaning solvents that are both safe and environmentally friendly


Make an appointment with SM&MN Cleaning Melbourne for general cleaning and forget about the drudgery of dusting and mopping every Sunday. Our cleaning services are intended to provide you with more time to spend with your family and friends.

Our general cleaning service can be booked once a week or twice a week. We will try our best to bring you the same staff each time to assist you with all of your cleaning priorities if you desire it.

Only a seven-day notice is necessary if you wish to cancel your regular meetings with us for a certain period of time (minimum of 2 sessions applies). You may always take advantage of our catch-up cleaning service over the break.

The general cleaners in Melbourne are highly trained in modern housekeeping and receive additional training on how to establish a mutually trusting working relationship with customers. Their attitude is kind yet professional, and it is the foundation for the successful delivery of our regular household cleaning service to many families in Victoria’s seaside capital.

Our routine cleaning services are priced on an hourly basis. This implies that the cleaning experts will work on the clock, with a 2-hour minimum appointment duration! They have the option of following a priority list or taking initiative. The cleaners usually start with the small things and take their time to make sure everything is spotless.

More of SM&MN Cleaning Services

Carpet & Tile Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning your carpets can give you a healthier home with the elimination of dust mites, bacteria and pollutants in the carpet. Experts at SM&MN Cleaning can give you professional, efficient and healthy results!

24/7 Flood Damage Repair

We offer 24/7 flood damage repair in Melbourne. Flood water can ruin your day, week, or month. We're the experts in emergency services for flooding and fire damage and storm damage and mould remediation.

Concrete Cleaning

With concrete, you can expect it to stay clean for years as long as it is taken care of. We offer professional concrete sealing services which will keep your concrete looking great for years to come!

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning has seen significant growth in recent years, with the recession and increased awareness on the need for health and safety. The reward of seeing your place for the first time after being cleaned is worth it.

Factory Cleaning

Factory Cleaning Services is vital for manufacturers. This impacts the environment and even workers. SM&MN Cleaning will provide the best factory cleaning by using the latest tools and high quality products.

Restaurant & Bakery Cleaning

Let SM&MN Cleaning take care of the dirt in your restaurant with professional steam cleaning. This service is best for commercial cleaning and will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on delicious food.

Pressure Washing

If you don't want your driveway to get dirty, get it pressure washed now. Services are available for a reasonable price from SM&MN Cleaning.

Floor Cleaning

SM&MN has a wide variety of professional floor cleaners for any client's needs. Whether it be removing stains from carpets, discoloured tiles from hard water deposits, or algae around pools, SM&MN has you covered!

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Melbourne has decades of expertise delivering exceptional business cleaning services to Melbourne. We recognise the urgency of health threat and need for stringent cleaning processes to mitigate hazards.

Clinic Cleaning

SM&MN Cleaning has been successfully operating for 11 years and is the go-to healthcare cleaner in Melbourne. We are always meticulous and take pride in going above and beyond what is expected to provide you with a spotless facility.

Perks of Using Our Cleaning Service Melbourne

As a cleaning company in Melbourne, our cleaners have years of expertise in the cleaning company industry. Whatever cleaning jobs you require, we are convinced that you will be satisfied with our results. When you book with us, you will be greeted by polite and skilled cleaners. Locals in Melbourne have positively praised us.

We are a well-known provider of residential, commercial, and steam cleaning services. We also provide garden care and flood damage repair.

You can rest assured that you will get exactly what you want from professional cleaning of your property or corporation. Allow us to give you an exceptional cleaning service if you want to maintain your workplace looking its best.

You will be provided with a team of expert cleaners that are aware of their roles and obligations. You wouldn’t have to tell them what to do or how to do it. With the safe cleaning chemicals and equipment we employ, your house will dazzle once again. You may also be confident that our experts are covered by insurance. You won’t have to be concerned about any potential harm.

We are transparent about our prices, and our flat rates will easily fit into your budget and requirements. Simply choose a day, let us know where we should clean, then sit back and relax. We’ll take care of everything, and we promise you’ll be pleased with the results.

We are simply proud of our one-of-a-kind cleaning services and outstanding customer service to meet your requirements!

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